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Welcome to Think & Explore !

I’m Mani Ratnam, a 24 year old Indian.

This is my personal blog where I like to express myself, my thoughts and my learnings, which I think important to share with people. Some are inspired from my readings, some are personal thoughts, but mostly I’ll try my best to keep you engaged in whatever I write and post. I hold a Masters degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Kanpur).

What you will find in this blog?

My ultimate goal of is to fulfil lives through wisdom and art. As famous philosophers said, “Satisfaction in human life results from knowledge and creative deeds”. I enjoy reading books, exploring new things and creating artworks. This blog is a platform to share all these.

I’ll keep sharing my learnings thoughts, findings, theories and some of the greatest ideas from non-fiction books I read. You can read all of them in my review articles on those books. (See Bookshelf Page). These may range from diverse fields- Science, History, Psychology and Philosophy. I’ll also keep posting my artworks, paintings and sketches. (see Art Gallery Page). I’m exploring myself to bring the best out of my love towards art.

I hope you’ll join my conversation and express your thoughts too. If you like my posts, please followsign up to receive notifications of every new post 🙂

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