Book: “Of Mice And Men” (1937)

Author: John Steinbeck

Genre: Novel / Fiction


Set up in the Great depression, two workers, George and Lennie migrate to a new place in search of work. George is a quick witted young man and Lennie is mentally disabled. They find new boss, work with new people, and dream of owning a farm. However, things turn around when the boss’s daughter-in-law shows up to Lennie.

Review: [Non-Spoiler]

Published in 1937, “Of mice and men” is a novel that needs no introduction. It is a fine piece of classic literature written in the background of 1930s. Unlike the lengthy novels in the era, “Of mice and men” is very short yet filled with all major social themes (racism, social prejudice, sexism etc) present at the time. John Steinbeck, with his masterful writing, takes us through an emotional ride from the start.

One great thing about this novel is it exalts the friendship between two main protagonists, George and Lennie, who share a dream of owning a farm someday. But, it never becomes reality because of Lennie’s innocent actions. He always mess up the things and gets into trouble until George comes to his rescue. George, who seeks his companionship in Lennie, guides him on how to behave among people. Their tragic lives show how fate alters destiny and how society mistreats mentally disabled people like Lennie.

Steinbeck largely depicts broken dreams in his characters in the novel. Candy, an old handyman, worries about his waning strength. Boss’s son Curley’s wife fights with loneliness and hence seeks attention from men. Crooks, a black man, is isolated from other workers. Each of these characters show how Steinbeck views the struggles of people facing prejudices and their attempts to escape from it. Whether you like their destiny or not, you feel empathetic for them. You feel sorry for the lives that caught in ill fate. Yet, what shines in the end is George’s friendship towards Lennie to keep him in the state of happiness all the time.

Of course, he fulfils it !

“Of mice and men” is great in what it offers. It’s emotional, compassionate and very short to read. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who haven’t read. 😊

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