Art must be life — it must belong to everybody

Marina Abramovic

Here’s another sketch I made a few days ago. 😊

This is a portrait of Indian actress Sai Pallavi Senthamarai, well known for her natural looks and dance. She is always stunning in Indian traditional wear 👏🏼. Her curly hair is what motivated me to draw this portrait 🤗

Reference pic.

Unlike my previous sketches of actresses, I made this portrait in black and white just to focus on the beauty of hair. Bright face in the background of dark hair ~ I love this combination 🥰 I believe, it shows a unique beauty of woman with no additional details required. So, I restricted the details to lighter shades all over. That’s it.

What’s your thoughts on my sketch work? 🙂

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I will come up with more portrait artworks ~ Stay tuned ! 😃