A new practice artwork to show you today ! 🙂

Dawn in the harbour” 15×20 cm ~ watercolor on paper.

“Dawn in the harbour”, 15×20 cm, water color on paper

I was following water colour lessons of Tim Wilmot on youtube. He is very good at teaching watercolour arts. He focusses more on light, sun shade and vibrant colours. This painting is a fine example of the craft. I have used the same layer by layer process of applying colours starting with yellow hue of sunlight (in the background). A small tint of blue on it creates a glossy effect of water. Finally, deformed reflections of boats and spars on water gives a nice mirror like water surface.

😊 I loved these little techniques in this practice work. I will be continuing to learn this craft. More artworks on the way !

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Keep spreading smiles 😊