Today, I have a couple of old artworks to show you. 🙂

10 years ago, on this day, music lovers all over the world, mourned the death of singer Michael Jackson, 50.

I was one of them. I was just 15 when he died. I grew up listening MJ’s songs. They are well composed, well written and yes, motivational. His tracks, “Beat it”, “Heal the world” and “Keep the faith” still inspires me a lot. 💕

In fact, my sketching hobby has begun, 10 years ago, with Michael Jackson portraits. Although I made hundreds of cartoon characters since younger age, I never attempted human faces. It was with Michael, I started off drawing human faces and I continued to draw faces till date.

These are the pictures I drew 10 years ago.

Medium: HB pencil on paper

*(Sorry for the poor quality of photos as they are quite old)

Michael from the sets of “Thriller” ~ I tried this portrait without using grids (I don’t use grids even now). From the beginning, I practiced by visually measuring proportions with eyes ~ of course every artist do 😊. I like the shading (smudging) part of MJ’s shirt in this drawing.

Here is the other one.

“Wanna be startin’ something” CD cover ~~ An unfinished drawing, but I completed up to face. This is my favourite one. The shading around MJ’s chin and lips carries the essence of his smile.

How are my old drawings ? 🙂

As I go through these early sketches, I could notice where I made errors. One after the other, every drawing has taught me something during these years. Till now, I am learning new things through my art ~ and will continue to learn forever as there is no end for perfection.

I thank MJ for awakening a passion of art in me. 🙂 ..and also for these beautiful lyrics by him. 👏🏼

“Better stand up and act like you wanna do right..
Don’t play the fool for the rest of your life..
Work on it brother and you’ll make it someday..
Go for what you want and don’t forget the faith..”

~ Michael Jackson (Keep the faith), 1991

Thank you for reading my post.

Please do share your feedback or your favourite MJ song and any memory associated with it. 🙂