It’s almost the end of December. This has been a great year for me in reading as I read double the number of books than last year. My book selections in 2018 covered science, psychology, philosophy, history, biography, how-to-guide and self help. Some of those have informational topics, some have awe-inspiring ideas and some are really life changing. Here, I ranked a three of them as my favourite books in 2018. Trust me, these are some fantastic non-fiction books to read.

(3) Outliers: The Story Of Success

Genre: Social Psychology | Author: Malcolm Gladwell | Pages: 304

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What’s in the book?

Contrary to our belief: talent and hard work are not the only ingredients required for success; opportunities do play a key role in it (in fact the major role). This is the main idea Gladwell tries to convince us through Outliers. Ultimately the one who is surrounded by plenty of opportunities will become successful. But, here’s the catch. Some opportunities are just pure luck and not in our control like date of birth, place of birth, circumstances in home, cultural difference etc. Gladwell brilliantly supported these claims with real life case studies from athletes to pilots. This book has completely changed my view of success.

(2) Genome: The Auto-Biography Of A Species In 23 Chapters

Genre: Popular Science| Author: Matt Ridley| Pages: 344

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What’s in the book?

Solving the puzzle of DNA and mapping genes in each chromosome are some of the greatest achievements in scientific history. Genome is a book that has each chapter devoted to a prominent gene from one of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes. Matt Ridley connects the theme of the chapter to that particular gene which determines a specific characteristic of human life. This book offered me some great insights on life origin, embryo development, blood group division, sex determination, heredity, intelligence, brain functions, mutations, disease, eugenics and cell death. Read this book, you will get tonnes of knowledge on what are you.

(1) Man’s Search For Meaning

Genre: Psychology| Author: Viktor Frankl| Pages: 200

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What’s in the book?

This is the book that influenced me greatly in 2018. It taught many life lessons which will be helpful in my future pursuits. This book is the collection of Viktor Frankl’s experiences as an inmate in Nazis extermination camps during World War II. Frankl tells us about how to find meaning in life during suffering. He recounts his horrific experiences in camps to teach us the importance of meaningful pursuits, unconditional love, positive attitude and finding real purpose in life to fulfil ourselves. This is the kind of a book that one should read at least once in his lifetime.

That’s all for 2018.

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Next year, I’m planning to read even more books from different genres. My present focus is to improve my knowledge on diverse areas by reading some great non-fictions. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy fiction. If the book is worthy, it definitely deserves a read irrespective of the genre. So, keep suggesting me the good books πŸ™‚

Also, please comment what’s your favourite book in 2018?

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