HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone 😀 !

Hope you are all having a great time on this day. May this Christmas bring more joy and blessings on you and your family. Let we all continue to spread love as Jesus commanded us.

In the joy of this festive season, I have made a couple of artworks on the theme of Nativity. Both are of different type, one is a painting made with watercolours and the other one is a short drawing+photography. The later one, I captured the photo of the drawing by focusing a small light on the top to show the glow of Bethlehem star.

“The Saviour has been born” [Luke 2:11]

*(Jesus, Mary and Joseph)

“The word became flesh” [John 1:14]

*(Baby Jesus in manger)

Hope you liked my works 🙂 Keep following for more.

Enjoy the festive season. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!