Okay, my intention is not to mess up the classics :p I was actually going through my old paintings and sketches last week. This particular painting, I made 4 years ago. It was my version of Van Gogh‘s famous painting “The Starry Night“. (See the original one at https://www.moma.org/learn/moma_learning/vincent-van-gogh-the-starry-night-1889/)

Vincent van Gogh is one of my favourite artists. I was very much inspired by him and his artworks of impressionism. Van Gogh made “The Starry Night” in 1889 with oil on canvas. I first saw this painting during an Art course in my college. Its visible brush strokes caught my attention. I, then, tried this classic with water colours.

Great artworks gives us so much of inspiration.

Have a wonderful day ! 🙂 Happy Christmas season !