Sometimes life can be tough and doesn’t go as we planned. Everyone of us have faced odds at some point in our lives. But how we encourage ourselves to move forward is the thing that decides our destiny. Most of the self help books were written with this intention to keep people motivated, no matter how hard the struggle is !

I haven’t read much of the self help books, but I would like to mention one book that always remains on my top list. A Survival guide for Life, authored by Bear Grylls is the book that inspired me to the core. Even though I read it a couple of times, I still go back to this book whenever I need some push. It is full of inspiring tales, life lessons and motivational quotes that encourages us to live a meaningful life.

“This is your life. Be bold with it. Live it with energy and purpose in the direction that excites you. Listen to your heart, look for your dreams: they are God-inspired”

Bear Grylls, A Survival Guide for Life

It’s a small book with 75 tiny chapters, each having a unique message dealing about life, hardships and success. Throughout the book, Bear shares the wisdom he has learned from his adventures and his experiences while serving in the British army. Most of the chapters he discusses about the attitude that we need to possess while facing the adversities and in achieving our goals. Remember, Bear doesn’t speak about some cheap rat race goals here. He talks about the innate abilities, the talents and dreams that are unique to everyone. He is very much true when he mentions about the  money centric lives most of the people live these days. I completely agree with him that life is not just about money, status and competition. It is more than that. As Bible says, we were born to live life to the fullest.

“Try not to worry about money, ever – instead focus on the journey. And certainly don’t waste time and energy accumulating just wealth. Chase the goal, not the money”.

Bear Grylls, A Survival Guide for Life

There is even lot more stuff I learned from this book. Bear speaks about the hard work, keys to success, faith, ethics, character, time management and importance of taking risks. He gives us some aspiring success stories in between and the life lessons he learned from his father. I think Bear didn’t intend us to read all the chapters in one go as he ends each chapter with an exclusive message. One should read it daily, one chapter a day, devour the meaning, digest and implement.

“The greatest trick in life is to learn to see adversity as your friend, your teacher and your guide. Storms come to make you stronger. No one ever achieves their dream without first stumbling over a few obstacles along the way”.

Bear Grylls, A Survival Guide for Life

Bear Grylls is truly inspiring with his thoughts and personality. I have always been a great fan of him since Man vs. Wild. A Survival guide for life is worth reading for anyone who are seeking motivation to pursue their dreams.

It is short, precise, well written and impactful.


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